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The Executive summary

“Mbhuduma Business Solutions constantly strives towards adding value to businesses who choose to partner with us. Our way of approach is that of innovative technique” 

                                                                                                         – Themba Mabena (BAP) SA

Convert to Mbhuduma Business Solutions Accountants as your gateway to compliance to BEE, tax, management & financial accounting standards, funding application, payroll management, debt management principles, business rescue service, investment law and options, Company Law, and auditing standards whilst using QuickBooks and Draftworx cloud solutions that are made compatible to your business systems. 

Join the collaborative team of professionals from Corex and Mbhuduma Business Solutions, an Accounting Firm under the leadership of Mrs. Daphne Makua and Mr. Themba Mabena BAP(SA) practice No: 6239. Our registration with various professional bodies includes the South African Institute for Business Accountants, SAIT, NCR and other professional bodies that our collaborative partners acquired. Our strength is in the 8 years of experience and our individual academic qualifications.

We are proposing to you, as our prospective client, to join in on the latest developments and changes in the business solutions so that your business takes advantage of our secured and consistent quality service.  Bookkeeping and business advisory services are very complex and our financial practice has highly skilled employees who can execute their tasks with professionalism and commitment. Assessment of client specifications get merged directly to transversal IT cloud systems and work schedules designed to monitor daily accomplishment of your accounting and compliance needs including the times it takes to render the service. Quality controls for both internal control systems and stakeholder relation are recorded to ensure performance progress or turnaround times.

As practice executive, our key priority areas are developed around client satisfaction and quality service output. When you subscribe and take up our business products you are actually taking control of your business growth and a conscious change to sustained business profitability.  

The practice


Business systems and accounting services environment provide many dynamics with benchmark on how successfully clients can manage their company financial and professional requirements. Mbhuduma Business Solutions is crafted to assist clients build their business financial systems from three well-located dynamics:

1. Deliver more value to you as our clients:

Expand the services we offer clients through an integrated business solution, including Easy banking, supplier control tool, and client invoicing. Deliver key business insights to your clients using powerful reporting tools and custom dashboards, and further enhance your role as a business owner or entrepreneur.                                              

2. Take your business to the next level:

Mbhuduma will be ready to grow your business or practice using a scalable, cloud-based business management application such as QuickBooks and Sage pastel or other transversal system. Transform the way you work anytime, anywhere, and collaborate with clients or customers securely using automated workflows and audit trails

3. Be Productive to you as our client:

Effectively manage accounting tasks and eliminate manual processes, freeing up time to take on new clients or projects and better serve existing ones. Be able to manage multiple clients and business services from a single dashboard in real time.                                                                                                                                                                          

Meet The Expert

Meet The Individual Who Makes It Happen

Mbhuduma Business Solutions

Mr. Themba Mabena


Meet Themba Mabena, a driven financial expert who aims his focus on driving the value into SME’s and inspires his clients to become smarter, more driven & more focused when it comes to running their businesses. 

“If there is a will, there is most definitely a way – This is the philosophy that I live by each day”

Contact us and allow us to have a discussion on where we can add exponential value to your business.